• Meet Bobby

    Proud Father and Husband

    Entrepreneur | Business Owner

    Public Servant | Colleyville Mayor Pro Tem


    I'm a concerned citizen like you — concerned about rising debt that our children will inherit, about career politicians wheeling and dealing, and about increasing threats to our American values of free enterprise and Constitutional liberties.


    That's why I'm proud of the work we've done during my first term on the Colleyville city council from term limits, to infrastructure improvements, to tax cuts, to ethics and transparency.


    I'm blessed to call Colleyville home. And I believe reforming the culture of our government starts at the local level. That's why I'm honored to have been strongly elected to the Colleyville City Council, Place 2, and am encouraged by the support from so many of you to run again.

    to continue to prioritize the focus of the council to put the citizens and Colleyville First.

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    Proud Father and Husband

    • Proud father — Harper (18) and Reagan (14) attend CHHS.
    • Proud husband — married to high school sweetheart, Tami, 25 years.
    • Attends Compass Church in Colleyville; previously served as a Deacon at Sherwood Park Baptist Church; attended First Baptist in Euless.
    • Has called North Texas home since birth.
    • Nimitz High School and Arlington Baptist College.
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    Entrepreneur | Business Owner

    • Founded JR's Demolition in 2005 — a family-owned business that prides itself on honesty and quality.
    • Built his local business into a successful operation upon a foundation of faith, integrity, and hard work.
    • Has employed 30 long-term, local employees and loves them like family.
    • Member — Texas Association of Business
    • Member — National Demolition Association
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    Public Servant | Colleyville Mayor Pro Tem

    • Helped spearhead tax cuts each year during first team, eliminated the tiered water rates, and championed increased transparency and accountability with council term limits, strengthening ethics policy, and instituting an "Open Gov" portal on the city website where citizens can see where every single penny is spent.
    • Implemented a Master Parks Plan and a Master Drainage Plan to start replacing neglected water and sewage lines along with beginning an aggressive street repair plan to fix neglected streets.
    • Vocalized citizens' concerns about Highway 26's redevelopment and supported the 6-lane expansion plan that saved taxpayer money.
    • Led a community initiative to donate over 40,000 pounds of goods to the Tarrant Area Food Bank.
    • Member — Colleyville Lions Club; Colleyville Pastoral Alliance;
    • Proud supporter — GCISD Education Foundation; Colleyville Women's Club; Grace Ministries; Colleyville Chamber of Commerce; Grapevine Women's Center.
    • President — Texas Sports Reach prison ministry where Bobby has actively ministered and encouraged inmates for the last 18 years while using competition and teamwork through softball to build camaraderie.
    • Served as president (mayor) of Boat Club (Cartwright), Oklahoma — responsibly oversaw community and its staff.
  • Issues

    Promises Made, Promises Kept!

    Term Limits + Tax Cuts + Transparency


    Just as I've done with growing my business and during my first term, I will continue to bring the same energy and experience to proactively serve you and prudently oversee our tax dollars. And just as I treat each of my employees as family, I continue to commit to respect each Colleyville citizen as family with a kind attitude.


    Colleyville is an incredible and vibrant city with further potential for growth and development in the future!

    Let's continue working together to preserve our unique Colleyville culture, to advance fiscal responsibility, to defend low taxes, and to continue to set a new precedent for transparency and for government accountability!

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    I've prioritized the implementation of an aggressive street repair plan; before being elected to office, a third of Colleyville's streets were deemed "substandard."


    We will continue this to focus projects to solve for traffic flow and safety. We will continue to use the existing right-of-way on projects to not abuse eminent domain and to respect the property rights of Colleyville citizens.


    During my first term, we successfully reworked the comprehensive plan to keep Colleyville with low 1.8 density and we implemented the Master Parks Plan and the Master Drainage Plan replacing neglected water infrastructure and sewage lines.

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    Colleyville First

    Our council members must always place Colleyville citizens as their top priority.


    I'm committed to continue to listen to our citizens and advocate strongly for their interests and never sell out to regional interests and government bureaucrats.


    I listened to Colleyville citizens and championed the City Charter propositions (passed strongly with 87% of the vote) that implemented council term limits and strengthened our ethics policy.


    Moreover, during my first term, we cut tax rates for every Colleyville resident each year and successfully achieved the effective tax rate for 2019.


    I also support Governor Abbott's property tax reform and will continue to be a voice for Colleyville citizens and for taxpayer protection with lower rollback rates.

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    Public Safety

    In 2018, Colleyville became recognized as the safest city in Texas by the National Council for Home Safety and Security.


    I will always prioritize first responders in the city budget and be a community ally to our first responders. My father-in-law was a firefighter for 33 years; I have the utmost respect for our first responders.


    We must equip our police officers and firefighters well and compensate them well to continue to retain and attract the best public servants in these positions.


    I pledged to ensure that our first responders have the resources and support they need. During my first term, I'm proud the council fixed and funded the budget shortfall of $660k left by the previous leadership.

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    Economic Development

    For over a decade, I've ran a successful, local business.


    I sympathize with fellow business owners, who positively contribute to the local quality of life, while keeping their books balanced, and growing their revenue — too often while dealing with government overreach.


    I will continue to fight to ensure our taxpayer dollars designated for economic development go to productive development projects and are handled in a responsible manner.


    While we should proactively attract larger brands and companies to our city, we should not leave our local businesses behind while our government picks winners and losers through corporate welfare.

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    Transparency is a buzz word often thrown around by politicians. Instead of just lip service, the council and I took action and brought transparency in Colleyville into the 21st century.


    We created an "Open Gov" portal on the city website allowing citizens to see where single dollar is spent.


    We empowered Colleyville residents to make their voice heard by city leaders and to work with the city directly by forming and supporting more citizen committees than were ever before.


    We successfully supported action by the council and and a City Charter proposition (overwhelmingly passed) that strengthened our ethics and conflict of interest policies.


    The days of career politicians wheeling and dealing in Colleyville are over.

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    Fiscal Responsibility

    As a conservative, I will continue to champion low taxes and lean, effective government. As your councilman, I have fought against debt financing and foolish, runaway spending projects.


    We've successfully managed our city's $50M budget while cutting taxes each year and maintaining our AAA rating.


    We eliminated the tiered water rates and continue to advocate for Colleyville citizens to the Tarrant Regional Water District.

    In Colleyville, our property tax rates are the some of the highest in the Metroplex. That's why I support Governor Abbott's property tax reform and empowering Colleyville citizens to vote on any increase in appraisal values over 2.5% per year.

    That is taxpayer protection.

    That is true local control.

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